Today, the Hansa brand is more a «world of light» than a «world of office». Although we do still offer a range of desk accessories under the Hansa brand name, Hansa has now become one of the leading manufacturers of table lamps and floor lamps, and has recently expanded its range to include ceiling lights for offices and homes too.

Lighting knowledge

Light promotes good health

Sunlight has an invigorating, inspiring and stimulating effect upon us humans. The sun exerts a positive influence on our psyche, and therefore on our health in general. People need light to live.
In addition to natural light, however, some of the properties of the sun are produced by artificial light too. High quality lighting at home and at work can be just as much help to our concentration and motivation.

The right light in the workplace

The modern workplace is governed by standards. These regulate safety, ergonomics, acoustics and lighting, and employers have to provide an impeccable environment. After all, a location that offers the best available, most healthy lighting will allow us to achieve the high level of motivation that leads to a strong performance at work.