Space saving

An inefficiently arranged archive costs twice as much space than is actually necessary. Your valuable square meter is fully utilized with our system. You also do not lose unnecessary space in height, so you do not archive any air.

Time saving

A lot of working time is wasted with fruitless searching in cluttered, dusty archives. Our archive systems offer a well-organized archive structure in which you store your documents dust-free in a short time. Searching for documents is now a thing of the past!

Money saving

The file can be reused and the system makes expensive and heavy racks and filing cabinets superfluous. Your financial advantage is also in the space saving and time saving. By using your floor space more efficiently, you can store more archives. This clear structure also ensures that your employees spend less time searching for documents.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The range of Loeff’s patent consists largely of products made from  FSC® certified  recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

If you want more information,  ask for our catalog.

In short, you save space, time and money with the Loeff’s patent archiving system!