What is Qubox

Qubox is a modular filing system from anodised aluminium frame designed for┬áHermes box file range. Qubox can take 4 x 8cm box files or 6 x 5cm box files with special built-in sliders for easy use. The most important feature of Qubox is that you can build up any setup or any combination taking full advantage of the easy cube connection system. You don’t need any tools to connect them together. Qubox is here to give you solutions from simple desktop use to heavy archiving.

ALUMINIUM FRAME – The cube is built with durable high quality anodised aluminium frame.

MODULAR – Qubox is a modular filing system with unlimited setups.

EASY CONNECTION – The cubes are connected with the “easy connection system”, no tools needed.

WOOD PANELS – Wood side panels for quality finish.

BUILT IN SLIDERS – Built-in plastic sliders for easy placement of the files.

MOBILITY – Available set of wheels, easy connected, gives you mobility and total movement freedom.

Built your own setup according to your needs with no restrictions.

Trade Enquiries

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