The Styrodoc duo 6 compartment station is the solution to organise your work space.

It is extremely strong and sturdy yet lightweight and easy to assemble.

The Styrodoc paper and document solution is strong but versatile. The robust module provides a good stable base for a monitor, helps to organise the workstation around and allows especially a good ergonomic working place. Styrodoc is the ideal, clear storage box for paper, documents or folders up to C4 in size.

Two heights

Choose from two different compartment heights – standard and jumbo. They can be combined easily with each other. Additional compartments can always be stacked onto the base units. Simply fit the components together, without using any tools – all done.

Flat delivered

Styrodoc is delivered flat – economise up to 60% of transport and warehouse costs.

Dimensions external

485 x 331 mm (W x D)

Dimensions internal

Standard compartment: 230 x 323 x 57 mm (W x D x H)

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