StyroRac Vertical 8 Divider Filing System

This clever multi-function storage solution contains horizontal and vertical compartments. Use styrorac as a vertical storage rack or hanging file holder.

Up to 25 vertical divisions

Division can be set to individual requirements, using strong system dividers (3 mm width) and trays. The vertical 2.5 cm internal dividers provide optimum platform use. Thin documents, brochures and folders can be stored without bending. A supplementary adapter is provided so that hanging files do not slide out.

A strong pair – Styrorac and Styrodoc

Combining styrorac with styrodoc makes a very efficient filing system with horizontal and vertical compartments. The two platforms can be firmly connected to one another by two plug-in parts.


Extra shelves and partitions can also be purchased for Styrorac.


723 x 304 x 248 mm (W x D x H)

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